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Why sign up?  A subscription provides you with ad-free access to all of the site contents, downloads, and access to the modem discussion group Forum56. is operated by me, "v.Richard" Gamberg. I work long and hard to provide you with accurate and timely information that can help you with Internet connectivity and dial-up modems. The site is independent from any modem manufacturer or supplier - you'll get the honest truth about modems as I see it. You don't have to wonder if I recommend some product because of a commission, advertising or kickback.

While I can't guarantee that all your troubles will disappear by taking advantage of the information and downloads available with premium access, I do guarantee your satisfaction: you can get a full refund of your subscription if you're not happy for any reason within 5 days of signing up.

Think about it: faster access with no advertising - no pop-ups, no popunders - and access to expanding exclusive member-only pages and downloads. Plus, optional e-mail notification of modem driver upgrade releases.

Ready? You can sign-up and get your premium access immediately - click here!

Thanks & Aloha!
Richard Gamberg, Webmaster


You don't have to be an expert on modems - I try and compose the pages so that a wide range of people - including newbies - can understand and use the information.

How much is a site worth when it can empower you to understand and improve your modem's Internet connectivity? Priceless.

How much would you expect to pay for a book containing the information at Modemsite? A book would be outdated before it was printed - Modemsite is updated all the time.

How much is your time worth? Modemsite has the most extensive collection of information on modems and Internet connectivity on the net.

Free advice may be worth exactly that - nothing: there's plenty of mis-information out there, too. I do my best to make sure what you see at Modemsite is accurate.

Some of the comments I've received...

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have put into your website over the years! You maintain THE BEST modem related site out there, and have been an invaluable aid too many times for me to mention. I can't think of anything you could add to your site, because you're doing it all so well already (except for maybe more of those great cartoons!). I love the ad free idea, and would gladly donate 10 times the modest amount you're asking, for the incredible resource you provide."
       Thomas A. Wos, MI, USA

I've got tons of ideas that I think will make Modemsite even better. v.Richard

"We know what you're going through and we owe you.... Aloha!"
       Name withheld

"Modemsite is one of the few sites worth paying for..."
       Name withheld

"Ok, I am so happy I spent $1.49 on your site I could bust wide open. I am a 59 year old grandmother who has fiddled with data processing, specialty dedicated computers and awlkinza equipment in labs, but with no real "training"....I keep trying to keep up, but the grandkids (I mean the 6 YEAR OLDS!!!) are sooo far ahead of me....  So when a friend of mine lost his modem in his new Amd Athlon ( a newer faster nicer one that I have been playing on, at times), I volunteered (I know, I know)....After signing on to your site and reading the fallabilty of the V92, I found: +PIG=1 +PMH=1 +PQC=3. This raised my throughput from .87 to between 31.04 to 37.68. OK, I want to gloat. Me, the old grandma, troubleshot a modern computer and WON!!!!"
        Ellie, Satsuma, FL

"Your site is a godsend to those of us who work in dial-up tech support. I always have it open on my system at work. I discovered today, much to my dismay, the requirement for a subscription for access to the guts of Modemsite, but after a bit of thought have decided to fork over the five bucks for six months. It's well worth it."
       Name withheld

"This is the most informative and in-depth web site I have ever visited. I always turn to the web to find answers to problems, but usually find vague, out-of-date or otherwise worthless information related to any topic. I found this site as I do most others (Google Search) and I have to say, exceptional! Kudos!"
       Randy Gordon, Napa, CA

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