The Bird of Paradise, a relative of the banana plant, got its name from the beautiful flower resembling a brightly colored bird in flight
The Bird of Paradise

This is the first URL I got in 1998 - which originally became famous as home of the '56k=v.Unreliable' Modem site at 808hi.com/56k. 56k modems have become much more reliable, and my modem site is now Modemsite.com. Now, dial-up modems are nearly obsolete as most of us have access to high-speed internet - but Modemsite remains available.

808 is the area code for the State of Hawaii (one of a handful of states that have only 1 area code). HI is the abbreviation for Hawaii If you have an interest in obtaining the easy-to-remember domains  808hi.com and 808news.com  - contact me . Aloha! Richard Gamberg.

Hawaii weather is perfect year 'round
Click for Kailua Kona, Hawaii Forecast

        v.Richard's Modem site:
Formerly '56k= v.Unreliable'

This popular site is designed to help you get the best dial-up Internet Connectivity with today's 56k V.92/V.90/K56Flex/x2 modems. Its loaded with hundreds of pages of information, troubleshooting and help for modems. Download area with modem drivers and utilities.


I'm changing hosting service for my sites again ...
(You are viewing now on my new virtual server from 1&1 Internet - which so far has been amazing to me for the low price!  (Clicking the link will take you to 1&1 and I may earn affiliate fee if you purchase a service there)

Stay tuned for more new info!

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